5af51354.jpg先日の大会で準優勝したインドの元気少女 ヴァレーシアちゃんが作った詩です
Other day I went to the museum
Packed with mangoes and a cake with plum
I was very excited
Never thought t’was haunted!

All the animals were alive
Tigers were dancing in five
How come giraffes so small
And rats and mice so tall?

Elephants busy playing ping pong
Butterflies chasing the mighty king kong
Suddenly the monkeys snatched my mangoes
As I watched the horses singing solos

Marsupials had manicure
Hippos ‘n’ rhinos had pedicure
Seeing this the bears turned weird
and in the meanwhile I got very tired

As I came out tired
Thinking what all transpired
But dead animals entertaining me
Is better than many zombies around me